The Culture of St. Petersburg

Monday, October 03, 2005

"Peterhoff, the summer palace, is big and beautiful, truly Russian." -
Morgan Baldridge, Perimeter College

Friday, September 23, 2005

"I could not stop staring at the ceilings in the Hermitage...this is what happens when the rich and powerful have a good taste in art." - Ella Rozin, SUNY

"They have a Beatles bar in Russia!?!!" - Geoff Platta, Valdosta State University

"The food was like an explosion of flavor in my mouth." - Michael Hughes, Valdosta State University

"Where are the blini?" -
Jason Dittmer, Georgia Southern University.

"After seeing Swan Lake, I knew why Russia was famous for its ballet." -
Jacqueline Fisher, Bainbridge College

"You can learn a lot about Russians by going to a football match." - Geoff Platta, Valdosta State University

"You can spend your entire month at the Hermitage and still say it was the best month of your life." - Zeke Spears, Georgia Southern University

"Alarm clocks are a necessity during White Nights because you are never sure when you are supposed to go to bed and when you are supposed to wake up." - Robin Loebach, Kennesaw State College

"The soccer game was fun because all the fans were really nice and we made friends with them." - Deanna Jones, Georgia Highlands College

"St. Petersburg is a great place to study art because there are so many museums and they are so cheap with our student ID cards." - Deanna Jones, Georgia Highlands College

"I was not expecting to see so much amazing art" -
Jessica Brown, Valdosta State University

"There's always something to do in St. Petersburg."
- Geoff Platta, Valdosta State University

"The Banya was soo relaxing!" - Kelly Dubois, Kennesaw State University

"These churches are just gorgeous!" - Natalie Smith, Georgia College and State University

"I am going back to the Banya next week!" - Robin Loebach, Kennesaw State University

"Awww...I love all of the chandeliers everywhere!" - Jessica Brown, Valdosta State University

"I've found myself really missing St. Petersburg. I hope I will get the chance to return some day soon. I wanted to thank you for being so helpful and friendly. I had so much fun in the culture class, and am surprised at how much Russian I actually learned (and still remember)! I am looking through programs for next summer. I don't know where I'll go yet, but whatever I choose has a lot to live up to."- Chelsea Larson-Georgia Southern University

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